Heart of Henderson Mission

It is our mission to protect the health, assets and quality of life of the residents in Henderson as well as the environment and natural resources. We are a group of concerned Henderson property owners whose mission is to inform our friends, family and neighbors in Henderson about the tremendous impacts an industrial utility scale wind project will bring to our area.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Henderson Citizens' Commitee Report to the Town Board

Last fall, the Henderson Town Board appointed the Citizens to review last July's Article IX proposal on wind generation facilities in the Town of Henderson and make recommendations to the Board. This was no easy feat. The Citizens' Committee, made up of five local residents, put in thousands of hours of research, meetings, travel to Northern New York communities and other preparation for their report. After six months of exhaustive work, The Committee, on Friday, April 23, presented their findings to the Henderson Town Board. Please check out their report!

This report is available in its entirety at the Henderson Town Board website, www.townofhendersonny.org, search for "citizens committee."
Margaret Golovey, President
The Heart of Henderson, Inc.
P.O. Box 31
Henderson, NY 13650

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Welcome to The Heart of Henderson

We hope you will join us in discussing the future of the Town of Henderson. We have worked tirelessly to bring up-to-date information to the citizens of the Town of Henderson and we invite comments, critiques and opinions from all who can be impacted by decisions of the Town Board officials.
The future of the Town of Henderson is with the Town Officials. We must insist on open government, absence of conflicts of interests and looking after the best interests of all residents. Please sign our petition and go to www.heartofhendersonny.org and fill out our Membership Form to become a member of The Heart of Henderson!